How we began

A time to learn

At the time, the family was large with very little space to spare in our home. This venture started with a single corner in our bedroom, a spool of wire, some tools and store-bought beads. It was a great past-time and even better learning experience, definitely made me want to learn more!

Pretty but...

the challenge of growth

Beading was fun, but not much originality came from it. It wasn’t mine in a sense, and then came the magic of clay. Yes! I could make my own beads…any color or shape. There was the originality but it was still just stringing.


Leads to an epiphany

Still absorbed in the task at hand and curious about the possibilities, resin found me. Wow, I could transfer images and protect them. Make 3-dimensional works of art to combine with my beading, it was a slice of heaven.

Growing Pains

Never hurt so good!

Inquisitive by nature the search was still on for something to tie this all together, make it unique. Hammers, stamping, sheet metal…oh my! This is when my loving husband decided I had to go…lucky for me the house was emptying out and a bedroom became my first studio.

He lit the torch

My fire burned... HOT

Ricki Frank came into my world, this guy is amazing! Powdered glass on copper sheet, really! Here we go…hours upon hours trying to make it work. It took some time but I learned to torch fire and then to my surprise my hubby got me a kiln. All these things that I learned over the years were finally starting to fall in place.

A little of this

maybe, a lot of that.

Eclectic and perhaps a little rustic in style I combine most if not all of the experiences learned. Unique, not boring; mixed mediums create a new style. I had finally found my... ME! Or have I? Growing is so much fun and exciting!.


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