Copper Moon Goddess Cuff Bracelet, Natural Stones Moon Face Cuff, Textured Cuff Bracelet


Dimpled copper is the backdrop for this unique electroformed rock, moon goddess copper cuff bracelet. 

This chocolate goddess is formed using resin molding clay, then encased in pure copper, sculpted and adorned with raw stones and carvings. Once cured, we treat it with conductive paint and place in a tank for plating. The actual plating can take days a low voltage to achieve the look and thickness.

She's secured to the cuff with rivets, as an added measure we placed it back in the tank so it would plate and form a bond with the cuff. It is patinaed for a dark mocha chocolate look and sealed with several coats of Protecta Clear to preserve the finish. 6-inches long, 1 3/4 inches wide, slightly adjustable to accommodate various wrist sizes.

It's a statement cuff, that's a casual fit for all types of lifestyles. We are sure that this will quickly become one of your go to pieces.

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