Aztec Copper Cuff, Cut Out Cuff, Green Cuff Bracelet, Rustic Cuff, Solid Cuff, Boho Bracelet


This cuff is a bit tribal, with an Aztec look and feel. The copper sheet was cut to measure 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It’s a great fit on small to medium size wrists.

The tiny triangles in the center and the intricate shapes on each side have all been sawed out to reveal your skin underneath. It has an organic, rustic appeal which is enhanced by the antiquing.

The colors range on the antiquing goes from a teal green to med brown. The entire cuff has been sealed in several coats of light resign which creates a barrier between it and your skin.

The ends of this cuff are slightly rounded allowing for a comfortable fit. It’s the perfect accessory for casual wear. We’re absolutely positive you will love this cuff and it will quickly become one of your go-to pieces for any time of the day.

This item is ready to ship. This is the perfect item to treat yourself to or bestow as a gift. It will arrive in a cute little burlap bag ready for gift giving.

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