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This artistic colorful copper cuff Is the perfect casual jewelry accessory. Inked with alcohol, the array of colors allows you to pair it with just about anything. Shades of red, yellow, purple, green and silver form a kaleidoscope of colors that blend in harmony.  it’s the one piece you can wear with your jeans and even business casual wear.

It has a distressed look, rustic. Made from pure copper, 18-gauge and fold-formed. We seal the bracelet in several light coats of resin to protect the finish and give a nice glossy sheen.

  • 6 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide
  • Adjustable to fit slightly smaller and larger wrist sizes up to a size 7 comfortably.

 It’s the right go to accessory when you need a splash a color or just a little something to chase away the winter blues.

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