Solid Silver Elephant Pendant, Thick Handmade Silver Elephant Pendant Necklace


This fat and we say that lovingly little silver elephant pendant is just too cute. He's a hard worker with his head down. He weighs a solid 25 grams, approximately 5 millimeters thick, all sterling silver.

He has slight carvings to denote the ear, eyes, and tusks. During the casting process, we noticed on the hind quarter legs that there was a marking similar to the continent of Africa (just similar mind you). At first, we thought to sand it away but in hindsight thought it was becoming and brought it out more with patina. After all, some pieces of jewelry in the development stages have a mind of their own...and this one certainly did.

He is rather hefty and will require a solid chain (included). Unisex in design, this will make the perfect gift for you or that special someone.

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