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These earrings are perfect for the nature lover you may know. Wood and resin combined to create a simple pair of unique earrings. Tinted with hints of pink, the wood appears to float. The color is so translucent and catches the light to create an interesting effect.

We tend to use refurbished wood. some have striations due to age others are younger and therefore have less markings when cut. This piece appears to be birch and was taken from a fallen piece that we had drying for months.  The wood is finished with natural and eco-friendly carnauba wax and flaxseed oil to give a beautiful matte luster as well as make it weatherproof.

The resin chose has a high clarity, jewelry grade and safe. We painstakingly shaped and sand it to make it smooth to the touch. In this instance the resin has been left with a matted finish. We take pride in our products and ensure that great craftsmanship goes into making every piece in our shop. The earrings are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly to not cause any skin reaction.

These earrings are approximately 1 ½ inches long and super light and comfortable on the ear for all day wear. They make the perfect wood anniversary gift or a special treat for yourself. All items ship in a cute little box ready for gift giving.

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