Bloodstone Statement Ring, Organic Green Gemstone Ring, Chunky Rustic Copper Ring


Organic and distinctive, the copper setting on this ring is organic. Clustered in the center is a beautiful, avocado green bloodstone with hints of yellow and a red stripe across the base. It is a chunky statement ring perfect for either a woman or a man. Its unique shape is stunning. The details are reminiscent of an underwater scene with bubble. The look carries through to the wide copper ring shank.

Bloodstone comes in a wide variety of greens. Some deeper, so dark they look black. Most times they tend to have a shade of lighter green resembling chalcedony and have hints of mustard and red jasper.  Research indicates that this stone has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties; it purifies and detoxifies the body.

Our stones are purchased in bulk, typically large pieces. We crack the stone and work with the pieces building our design around them. The edges are ground and smooth, we tumble them just to be sure they will not catch on your clothing.

The bezel securing the ring is carved and formed prior to electroforming. This is what creates the interesting markings on the copper. This process takes hours and sometimes days depending on the look one is trying to achieve. After burnishing, the ring is sealed to protect the finish and eliminate the metal from reacting with your skin.

This ring is a size 10 (shown on left) Other sizes available but requires 4-7 days for fabrication.

The stone is a little less than an inch at its widest point. If you’ve been looking for a statement ring with a bold, rustic, and organic look...this one is perfect.

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    • Size:  Available in various sizes
    • Stones: True raw gemstones
    • Material: Raw gemstones, pure copper base
    • Rngs have been burnished, antiqued and sealed to protect the finish
    • *Each rendition ordered (gemstone shape/size) will have some differences in general shape and dimensions.  The ring shank will be as pictured.
    • Other sizes are available but require fabrication 5-7 days before ready to ship.

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