Colorful Copper Rustic Cuff – Jewel Tone | Tinklet Jewelry


Rustic, colorful, bold, artistic all adjectives the describe this beautiful, alcohol inked copper cuff bracelet. We chose to ink the hand cut 18-gauge blank prior to doing any fold forming. Doing this gave us the distressed, rustic look we were aiming for on this cuff.

The color blocks are rainbow jewel tones ranging from teal, majestic purple all the way to the other side, vivid orange. We’ve sealed the bracelet to protect the beautiful treatment in several light coats of resin.

This makes it durable and able to withstand daily wear. This cuff is 6 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide, adjustable to fit slightly smaller and larger wrist sizes up to a size 7 comfortably.

Wear to the office for a splash of color, pair it with jeans, or a cute little summer dress and you’re off. It’s jewelry that fits your lifestyle, whatever you’re doing.

It’s a unique piece of jewelry, just the ticket for yourself or as a gift. Our items arrive at your doorstep ready for gift giving in a cute burlap bag.

Thank you for visiting our little shop!

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