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Wise Owl... A Special Request

Recently one of our clients made a special request for one of her daughters. Her daughter is into owls so of course being a good mom, she knew this and tasked us with making it happen for her. She wants to surprise her with something special.

sterling-silver owl

Having given her request some thought, I decided to go back and use a technique which I hadn't used in a while, Sand-casting.

Like a lot of things, when you don't do something for an extended period, you become a bit rusty, that would be me when it comes to sand-casting.

sterling-silver owl-2

Once the decision was made to use this technique, I decided to make my mold from some scrap wood, (no idea what type of wood) you can see the little guy in the above image.

The cast was made using .925 Sterling Silver scraps that I always save like everyone else.

Using a scroll saw, something else I hadn't used in some time, I was able to get a figure cut out that I felt I could work with. Then a bit of sanding, some filing, and a few detail markings got me going.

Unfortunately, I didn't give the guy a face, that will have to come later in the process along with a few other touches.

Although I do like the resulting cast, It's a little thicker than I would like, it feels fairly heavy, so that is something else I will need to address.

Well, tomorrows another day, we'll see just where this leads.

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