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Hoop It Up!

Having a Latin background, I grew up with a pair of hoops. They were very popular in my culture as they are in many others. I remember my very first pair…I wanted some like my mom’s. My first pair was small, but I remember feeling so grown up. In today’s world, I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that doesn’t own a pair of hoops, regardless of the size. It’s the one style of earring that you can wear with anything, they never clash, and come in so many styles and variations.

Let’s travel back in time…

Hoop earrings can be traced all the way back to 2500 BC. The gold hoop earring has been a powerful symbol throughout history. It was perceived that wearing these earrings represented status, cultural and religious symbolism. Men and women have been adorning their bodies with jewelry since the early days of civilization. Some would argue that hoop earrings originated in Africa, dating back to the fourth century. Regardless of where they originated hoop earrings are still here and now in modern day a symbol of controversy.

Fun facts:

  • 1500 BC Egypt, the sacred cats were adorned with gold hoops
  • Julius Caesar turned earrings into a fade during his reign over Rome
  • The pirates wore earrings to secure proper burial should their bodies wash ashore between the years of 1650 and 1730

 Back to this day and age…

In doing some research to try and figure out where these lovely earrings originated I came across an article which made me feel as if I was living under a rock. It turns out that last year there was a heated debate regarding hoop earrings at a Southern California college. In today’s world everything has become a racial issue and to this instance, all I can say is, “get a grip”.

Earrings are about fashion regardless of who’s wearing them. If you like them, you like them. As a people, we don’t own them, unless of course, you bought them. Fashion is about style and most if not all style dates to some century, time and place.

I love hoops and design different styles for my clients. I must admit, I like designing the big ones, but my husband keeps me in check, so I do make smaller versions as well. I guess it has something to do with not being able to wear the big ones until I was 18…you know how moms are.



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