Inked Copper Cuff – Hand Painted | Tinklet Jewelry


Artistic in design, the color blotches of alcohol ink on this copper cuff have a mix of yellows and orange. The way it's been painted allows the natural copper to shine through in certain places.

The coloration is subtle, a little neutral but with a lot of personalities. The color scheme is the perfect combination to pair with almost any item in your wardrobe. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear all day.

Everyday jewelry for an everyday living. It has the perfect width (1 ½ inches) to make a statement yet remain comfortable on the wrist. 6 inches long and adjustable, able to fit the wrist up to a size 7 without a problem. The design is protected by several coats of light resin.

It’s a flattering piece that is sure to drum up some attention. Each one is unique in that the colors can be duplicated but the design cannot. It’s a gorgeous cuff for yourself or to be bestowed.

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