Inked Copper Metal Cuff– Modern Boho | Tinklet Jewelry


The vibrant mix of colors will pair with just about any ensemble; dress it up or down. This bold inked copper cuff is sure to get you noticed.

Jewel tone colors in water blue, sea green, gold, vivacious violet, and cherry all combine perfectly to create this unique, one-of-a-kind copper cuff. It offers comfort without compromising your style or fashion sense.

Fold formed for added dimension, this beauty is created by combining alcohol inks and fire. After the desired look is achieved, we seal it in several layers of thinly applied resin to protect the finish.

Break the mold with something different. This cuff is 1 ½ inches wide and measures 6 inches long. It is adjustable and fits wrist sizes up to about a size 7 comfortably.

Shopping for yourself or looking for a gift you can’t go wrong with this one. Our items arrive at your doorstep ready for gift giving.

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