Textured Copper Cuff – Negative Space | Tinklet Jewelry


Copper cuff bracelets have a personality of their own. They add a sense of style to any outfit without being overbearing or cumbersome.

This particular cuff is similar to our Wholly Mollie cuff except its a double-layered cuff. The idea was to show the negative space through the negative space. The discs that were cut out are used as decorative elements along the length of the cuff.

Its made from 18-gauge sheet copper and the overlay is 20-gauge. It's lightweight, comfortable and adjustable. This cuff is 6" in length and fits a small to medium size wrist.

It's simple, chic and organic. All our jewelry ships in a cute little box with a ribbon and small polishing pad. Ready to be gifted or treat yourself to something special.

**There may be slight texture differences in your order as each is made to order.

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