Minimalist Copper Cuffs, Lovers Knot Cuff, Sailors Knot Cuff, Spring Coiled Cuff, Unisex | Tinklet Jewelry

Minimalist, lightweight copper cuffs perfect for those who prefer smaller, dainty jewelry. It’s the perfect piece anytime you want something that’s light and airy... especially during the dog days of summer.

We of three styles:
Lovers Knot: made with 16 gauge copper wire, knotted in the center and paddled end. Adjustable to fit all wrist sizes.

Sailors Knot: unisex in style this cuff is also made with 16 gauge wire and twisted along the sides. Slightly hammered creating a braided look. Adjustable to fit all wrist sizes,

Spring Coiled: whimsical and cute, with lots of options. Wear this paired with bangles or add a charm making it uniquely your own. 16 gauge, adjustable to fit all wrist sizes.

As with all our products, your package arrives ready for gift giving or as a nice treat for yourself in a cute burlap pouch.

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