Painted Wooden Earrings, Acrylic Earrings, Acrylic Pour Earrings, Abstract Earrings

Psychedelic fun! This abstract design features purple, white, gray all combined perfectly. Handmade, these earrings are painted on wood. No two pair ever result in the same pattern, so you’ll have the only one. 

These are about 2 ½ inches long but considerable light. You may feel them brush your cheek as you sway but they will not tug on your earlobes. 

These are made by pouring a mixture of acrylic paint right onto the wood. Once dry, we apply two coats of resin to protect the paint. The result is a depth of color and design unique to each pair. As an accent, we’ve added a little bit of copper in an oval to mimic the overall shape of the earring.

They are fun pair of earrings, perfect for date night or hanging out with the girls. Dare to be different and rock your own unique style. 

Your items arrive in a cute box perfect to be gifted.

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