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This copper gemstone ring is set on a wide copper shank, making it very comfortable to wear. The ring is set in rivers of copper that gently cascade down and over the stone in an interesting fashion. Quartz on the top and bloodstone towards the bottom. The quartz picked up on the light of the bloodstone casting a slight shadow underneath. It has a soft, hazy, muted green look about it.

The combination of the stones was done with great care and balance. We wanted to stones that complimented one another in color but also in properties.


  • Heighten intuition and increases creativity.
  • Grounds the user and provide protective vibes removing negative environmental energies.


  • Expands consciousness and open communication          
  • Helps to clear the mind
  • Eliminates energy blockages and allows energy to flow smoothly through the body

Info at a glance:

  • Size:  (7.25 pictured and ready to ship)
  • Stones: Quartz Crystal, Bloodstone
  • Material: Raw crystal, pure copper base
  • All electro-formed rings have been burnished, antiqued (some exceptions), and sealed to protect the finish
  • Remember fingers do have a tendency to alter in size depending on a number of situations. That .25 size difference can make all the difference in a comfortable fit, verse a ring that will not fit.

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    • Size:  Available in various sizes
    • Stones: True raw gemstones
    • Material: Raw gemstones, pure copper base
    • Rngs have been burnished, antiqued and sealed to protect the finish
    • *Each rendition ordered (gemstone shape/size) will have some differences in general shape and dimensions.  The ring shank will be as pictured.
    • Other sizes are available but require fabrication 5-7 days before ready to ship.

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