Blue Quartz Statement Ring, Natural Copper Gemstone Ring, Raw Chyrsocolia Copper Ring

Natural quartz mineral copper ring. Its scientific name is Chrysocolla, I call it beautiful. Lovely shades of water blue transition into sea green with hints of white and gray. The stone is flat and encased in the copper. It has a thin ring shank, comfortable on the finger.

The cravings alongside the shank follow the symmetry of the stone. The result is a beautiful piece which is one of a kind. When you look at it from the top its as if we combined three stones in one, nature is wondrous.

Chrysocolla is said to be the stone of communication. Belief has it that the essence of the stone enhances expression, empowerment, and teaching. The blues in the stone dispel negative energies, calms and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface.

The ring depicted to the left is size 8.75. Other sizes are available. It's a stunning ring, that makes a statement. Its colors will pair well with just about anything you own. Ditch the ordinary and find your extraordinary!

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    • Size:  Available in various sizes
    • Stones: True raw gemstones
    • Material: Raw gemstones, pure copper base
    • Rngs have been burnished, antiqued and sealed to protect the finish
    • *Each rendition ordered (gemstone shape/size) will have some differences in general shape and dimensions.  The ring shank will be as pictured.
    • Other sizes are available but require fabrication 5-7 days before ready to ship.

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