Blue Quartz Statement Ring, Natural Copper Gemstone Ring, Raw Chyrsocolia Copper Ring

Natural quartz mineral copper ring. Its scientific name is Chrysocolla, I call it beautiful. Lovely shades of water blue transition into sea green with hints of white and gray. The stone is flat and encased in the copper. It has a thin ring shank, comfortable on the finger.

The cravings alongside the shank follow the symmetry of the stone. The result is a beautiful piece which is one of a kind. When you look at it from the top its as if we combined three stones in one, nature is wondrous.

Chrysocolla is said to be the stone of communication. Belief has it that the essence of the stone enhances expression, empowerment, and teaching. The blues in the stone dispel negative energies, calms and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface.

The ring depicted to the left is size 8.75. Other sizes are available. It's a stunning ring, that makes a statement. Its colors will pair well with just about anything you own. Ditch the ordinary and find your extraordinary!

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    • Size:  Available in various sizes
    • Stones: True raw gemstones
    • Material: Raw gemstones, pure copper base
    • Rngs have been burnished, antiqued and sealed to protect the finish
    • *Each rendition ordered (gemstone shape/size) will have some differences in general shape and dimensions.  The ring shank will be as pictured.
    • Other sizes are available but require fabrication 5-7 days before ready to ship.
IMPORTANT: Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with chemicals found in air and produce tarnish; high moisture levels, exposure to sunlight and contaminants such as salt water increase this reaction. Take steps to protect your sterling silver by
  • Keep sterling silver in airtight packages, (Ziplocs should work fine)
  • Use tarnish-resistant products (such as tarnish tabs or strips) that absorb harmful chemicals. We use the tabs below and now include (2 - 4) tabs with copper and sterling silver purchases.

 tarnish tabs
  • Store metals in a cool, dry place. Most tarnish is easily removed by polishing with a mild abrasive or soaking in an anti-tarnish solution.

To maintain the shine or antiquing: 
• Keep your copper jewelry clean
• Store it in an airtight container or bag away from heat and moisture
• Wipe regularly with a polishing cloth to prevent dirt build-up

Additional Information:

PLEASE NOTE: When copper comes in contact with human skin and can interact with air, perspiration and other chemicals, such as bath soaps, body lotions, and makeup, and  sunscreen, the oxidation (patina) process can accelerate and that causes the copper to turn brownish, green or bluish-green, and stain the skin of some individuals

This reaction will vary according to an individual's body chemistry, both in how long it takes for the green discoloration to form and in how pronounced the color becomes.
Some people, such as myself, experience no discoloration at all, other people maybe not so much.
It is important to note that the discoloration is not harmful to your health, nor is it anywhere near permanent and is easily washed off with soap and water. If not washed off, it is normally absorbed by the body overnight.

Because this potential reaction is not to be unexpected by customers, we do not offer Refunds if the reason is "Because It turns my skin green."

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